How to adopt a growth mindset at the workplace?

What is a Growth mindset?

But first, let us know what is the meaning of mindset,

MINDSET — A set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook, and mental attitude. Mindset has a major influence on people’s ability to learn. The right mindset can help to transform our failure into success through learning from mistakes.

There are people with two types of mindset -

Fixed Mindset

They believe that skills and intelligence are set and you either have them or you don’t, that some people are just naturally good at things, while others are not.

Growth mindset

They believe that skills and intelligence are grown and developed. People who are good at something are good because they built that ability and people who aren’t, are not good because they have not done the work.

# Growth mindset is the belief in your capacity to learn. people who utilize a growth mindset tend to learn, grow and achieve more over time than people with a fixed Mindset.

Example to understand Growth mindset :

Imagine your boss approaches you with a new project which requires you to learn a new software programming. What will be your response?

The people with a growth mindset will say, “ Sure, I can take this new challenge. I have learned new software systems in the past. So I should be able to learn this pretty quickly.

Whereas the people with a fixed mindset will say, “ Hold on, there must be some misunderstanding. I have never heard of this software before and never worked on such projects. So I can’t do this. I will see who can do this job for us and forward it.


Allow Yourself To Dream

Many People are not allowed themself to Dream Big. First, allow yourself to Dream Big which will help you to open your mind to perform a new task that will cause you to need to perform things in different new ways. It will expand your Limitations of thinking and force you to think as free as you can. which will help you to develop a Growth Mindset.

Try New things every day

Many times we do not allow ourselves to learn new which leads us always have the same results and stop our creativity. but If we want to change results then we better first allow ourselves to learn something new every day. Learning new every day will impact building a Growth Mindset which always available for learning.

Acknowledge & Embrace Imperfections :

There is nothing like perfect in this world. Their only improvement happens which we can be done by first acknowledging what wrong we did and improving ourselves by taking right with us and replacing wrong with new learning which will help you push towards better of your last one. It ultimately helps you to create a Growth Mindset.

Take a Challenges as Opportunity

Don't take Problems as a problem and excuse yourself because it will block you to think. whatever situation you have, Always Challenge it and take it as an opportunity that helps you to discover new things. It makes you strong and helps you to grow and which impact to create growth Mindset.



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