Human Brains and Artificial Intelligence and Pattern

How Human Brains Works?

The human brain first gains Experience. and It will analyze a thing. and they try to find a Pattern & able to detect or predict things by remembering a pattern. and that is the reason humans able to predict or detect things even they will not completely exactly remember them.

For Example to Detect a thing: When a Baby Born then that time he/she doesn’t know anything but if u saw many times their parents teaching thing to a baby, by they showing a pic, for example, they showing a phone and telling to baby this is phone & baby was remind it by seeing it a pattern, like he/she reminds it like the object is having a rectangle shape, having some light screen like that, & when u will whenever you show the object mobile which even not the same phone which showed before but he/she able to detect it bcz reason behind it he/she know a pattern how phone look like.

For Example, In predicts things: Like predict a rainfall will come or not by seeing towards the cloud. If we saw a cloud is black then maybe after a time rain will come. but if not then maybe the rain will not. how we know it, it because of Experience when we saw the same cloud last time then the rain was coming.

The human Brain having enough intelligence to predict things by seeing also & by analyzing also but Machine can’t do this but machine are good in Mathematics & Computing & that is the reason we give Intelligence to Computer By teaching things or by giving them Experience through providing a Data & teaching them to how to correlate & Find a Pattern and the Intelligence which provide to a machine which is man-made that’s we called as Artificial Intelligence. & those things will Learn by Machine that’s why it called Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a small subset of Artificial Intelligence

In that pic, it shows the process of how the human mind finds a pattern by learning a thing from Data or Knowledge or from Experience.

Why Reading is important?

It helps to gain more knowledge which ultimately works as our dataset. It also important which books you are reading, if you reading a book-related your goal where define many things about your goals, which will defiantly help to find a correct pattern and also help to increase accuracy towards your goal.

and Important thing is the brain is powerful enough to solve every problem because

“The Human Brain is a Problems Solving Machine”

For example,

If I want to become a billionaire, for that may be I need a find a common pattern in between all people who are billionaire, ultimately we are gaining knowledge, which we will be gain in 2 ways,1st by looking at the pattern which already reaches that goal & 2nd we learn it by own by gaining an experience and reading books. In both cases ultimately we are finding a pattern to reach our Goal.

Someone Said “Every brain in this world are connected to Each other”

probably that is a reason sometimes our thoughts are transfer from one brain to another. one example is sometimes the person from of us told exactly the same which we thinking.

Note: Everything I told and wrote here is not all by research bcz it’s my own thoughts.



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